The winter cold months are looking like they are finally going away around here! bring on the sunshine and the warm weather! And with that, it usually brings on the cravings of some decadent ice-cream. It’s true. I can’t lie. So I came up with a super simple recipe for some protein packed chocolate ice-cream that you can eat guilt free for breakfast every day if you wanted to! Because, what is a girl to do when she’s allergic to bananas and all she sees are recipes for “nice-cream” made with frozen bananas?

serious. I’ve been doing it all week. Hey, i’m an adult. I do what I want!  Continue reading


Protein Packed Chocolate Cookies

Since trying to stay away from grains and flours and trying to be good. And yet still have a huge sweet tooth. I have been slowly re-introducing some small amounts of local honey and have been looking for a cookie recipe! So I came up with one. Now, it may not be the best one out there. But with all my food allergies and food sensitivities, I think they came out and tasted pretty darn good! Continue reading

Butternut Squash Beef Burger

How you YOU eat a burger?! I have been trying to be good lately and stay away from grains and flour and all that good yummy stuff…although I tend to cave in after a while. But so far so good! With all the sunshine lately we have been in the mood for grilling and that of course comes with burgers! Now, a burger with no buns, tomato, ketchup, or any of the other basic staples of what goes on a burger, I had to get creative!  Continue reading


I don’t know about you, but sometimes late at night after a long hectic day. I eat my delicious dinner and then relax with family watching some Netflix for a couple hours, chatting about our day, and planning our weekend. When all of a sudden, I feel it. I feel this pang, this urge, this….hunger…..but i’m not really hungry. I’m craving something in particular. Usually something crunchy or sweet. So I go into the kitchen and scour for something to satisfy the craving monster. Then I feel guilty for the lack of self control and will power to over come the darn monster. Followed with me proclaiming, “this is the last time, I will be stronger next time!” Continue reading